Feature Request: adding context to the ongoing games overview

First of all, ‘Hello’ and thank you for your wonderful work. OGS is a wonderful tool to study and enjoy go in a whole new level. Now, to the subject:
One of the things that bugs me when I take a look at all my ongoing games where it’s my turn to play, is that I can’t know at a glance which ones are the important ones, meaning those I want to dedicate my spare time to. Just having the name of the tournament/ladder the game comes from (between Black’s name on the left and his remaining time on the right for exemple) would be enough. It would be a great help when playing many correspondence games which can run for so much time you don’t always remember its context.
It would be for me at least.
Anyway, thank you for considering it.

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Hey there,

it seems that there is already a similar request posted on uservoice, maybe check that out.


Thank you. I didn’t know this uservoice feature. That sounds very practical and I’m going to check it.