Feature Request: automatic chat markup for move navigation

Please consider a setting to enable markup on chat comment for move numbers. Clicking on the move link will take the goban to that position in the game.

For example, a chat comment like “Wow, move 34 was great” and clicking on move 34 will navigate you to that point in the game. Similar to the Shift+click behaviour on the goban.

I hope I explained it properly. Possible implementations could ask the user to markup the link correctly (“Wow, /m34 was great”) or to have the code parse all chats and markup “move 34” without the user doing anything.



Mh… nice, but … isn’t this quite the same as …

  • going to move 34,
  • then posting it as a variation with comment “Wow, move 34 was great”,
  • the whole chat entry being clickable and bring the viewer back to that move?

I’m not talking during review or anything - during in game chat for example, I may be chatting with my opponent and say “wow, everything went downhill after move 37” and they can just click that to be taken to 37.

The functionality is similar in a few regards, but my suggestion is an alternative more convenient way to implement.

Really, OGS game chat/review needs an overall to make discussion and review practical on OGS.

At the moment the only thing that definitely can be done well is a single-point-of-view review. Any sort of discussion becomes a mess.

It’s one of Those Things I’m sure we’d all love to see improved.

This suggestion might help, and is almost certainly doable on the front end (which means someone other than anoek can implement it if they are motivated).

It may be worth noting that you can click on the little separators between chat comments that have move numbers on them, and it takes you to the move in which that comment was made.


Nice to know thanks, but not as functional during a conversation.

This might just be my kyu brain talking, but is it really that common that you remember specifically that it was, say, “move 37” that was a key point, or would you have to go back through the tree and find exactly where it turned? Because if you’re looking at the move already, then this is exactly how the feature Eugene mentioned already works…?


Right - to be clear if you navigate back through the tree, then comment, that comment gets a clickable header linked to that move.


I was doing exactly this at the end of my recent game and I don’t see the move markers. Does it have to be during a review?:

Is it more probable to remember the number of the move or the coordinate? I mean, would you usually say “it was move 50” or “it was K3”?

If it’s the latter, I think the opposite would also be useful, clicking on that stone and going back to that move, either on a finished game or in its review. You can do that by Shift+click on that stone in review mode, I think, but I don’t know how you can go back to where you were.

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There might be some complications if multiple stones occupied the same spot, like in a ko fight.

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Yep, I didn’t think of that, I haven’t run into this before. I’m curious how it works.

Another good questions is, can I shift click on a phone? :slight_smile:

I wonder if making it a long press as a second alternative option would work on mobile.


In chat, something like:
!coord2move k3
50 124
with numbers linked to moves.


Let’s keep in mind that it should be something easy to use by people who are less acquainted with the complexities of go, though.

The command could be just !move k3 or !moves k3, even if it calls something like coord2move in the background right?

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This is what I was thinking. It with !move 12 instead

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