Feature request: automatic pause after disconnect & main time expired

In the last few weeks, me as well as my opponents were having issues with internet connection, and lose the live game as result. So I think it’s better to have an automatic pause feature when the user is not in-game and he ran out of main time.

I think the problem is that such a feature could easily be abused.

What if it was only for unrated games?

But of course the other player can unpause if he/she wants to, and abusers would get reported pretty soon

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This is how we’ve always intended this to work. The clock is the clock, if you can’t finish a game for whatever reason (intentional or not) there’s no reason to punish the other player for it. It’s always possible for the present player to pause the game and wait for the absent player’s return but we aren’t going to force a person to wait when they expected to be playing.


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