Feature request: "Blunders" list for supporters in analysis and review

I miss a panel with a list of “bad” moves, and be able to jump from one to another. 6 limit it’s ok if you are not supporter at all, and/or as a quick access, but, what about if I want to just be focus on my mistakes? or on my opponent mistakes, and want to navigate between them?

There is an interesting feature in AI-Sensei. There is a treeshold to name a move as a mistake or blunder and so on based on the point loss of that specific move. You can set a student level, and this change the treeshold values, for example, if you set up to 5K, a 14 point loss is considered a mistake, but if you set up student to 4K, this move is considered a blunder.

I don’t ask to copy this feature exactly, I’m happy just to be able to set up some kind or treeshold like 15+ points, and show on a panel all movements that AI detects as a point loss of that value or greater, filtered by black, white or both, and be able to jump with a button from one to the next “blunder” on that list


I like this idea. But, rather than setting a threshold, it might be simpler to have a way to sort moves by point loss. Then when you reviewing one can just go through from “worst” to “best” move and stop whenever they’ve seen enough.


We have something like this already: these are the biggest errors, I think:

You can click on them to go to that move.


that thing is not clear
user needs to see differences in score between human move and bot move
it should be seen that moves are sorted by size of that difference

I just looked at random supporter game and while these moves indicated big errors, they were placed randomly, not sorted

Well, it’s the biggest three point-swingy moves for each player, in order.

It did confuse me a bit at first, but now I read them as, for example,

“White played this (circle mark stone), then black played that (triangle marked stone), and the AI liked (blue stone). The point loss of triangle related to blue is marked on the triangle stone.”

then i can look at the AI move sequence and see if it’s very complicated or it’s telling me “you didn’t play in the most important area, again, saxmaam. Bless your heart.”

I’m fine with the six selected movements. What I suggested is an alternative panel for supporters, to be able to filter and check more concise the data. I do a lot of big errors, not only 3, and would like to be able to filter a list, and move between them.


Great suggestion: it’s really good to learn how we can enhance existing things to make them nicer for supporters, thanks!

Can’t promise it quickly appearing, but it definitely gets a look!

I wonder if @RubyMineshaft has seen this, and might be in a position to help - I know he’s poked around in AI recently.


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