Feature Request: Cancel Undo Request

On my phone a couple times now I have misclicked the undo button.

It would be nice in these instances to be able to cancel the undo request rather than wait for my opponent to do so, especially in correspondence games.

Alternatively or in addition to this, a confirmation prompt on clicking undo would also help.


We could also remind people about the rules about asking for undo, in the confirmation dialog!


It just happened again :grin:

A confirm prompt is far more doable than undo-undo. I’ve submitted a PR for this.


I’m not convinced that a confirmation prompt on undo is an overall improvement in user experience: you need to consider:

  1. What proportion of users who click undo do so mistakenly and therefore would benefit from choosing no on the confirm dialog?
  2. What proportion of users who click on undo do so purposefully and are therefore annoyed at having to spend an extra click to do what they already requested?
  3. What is the impact of a mistaken undo request?

I posit that despite this thread being created by a user who experiences case 1 a lot and therefore values it, the vast majority of undo requests are case 2. Mine certainly are. I don’t recall ever clicking undo by mistake. (I have clicked the Pass button by mistake when in submit move button mode, as it appears in the same place if you make a mistaken double tap to place and then unplace a stone.) The impact of point 3 is non-destructive: confirm dialogs are definitely a good idea on irreversible data changes like deleting things, but here the impact is just some minor annoyance of the other player.


Yes, that’s the kind of thing that anoek will need to consider in reviewing the PR.

I just put it up so it’s an option - it was easy to do.

Maybe, as is so often the case, the difficult option is actually the right one (cancel undo)


To elaborate, this seems to happen to me on mobile when I put my phone in my pocket without locking the screen.

I do have Submit Move option on, so I generally don’t misclick game moves in this way, but every once in a while I find myself having requested an undo without meaning to.

To address Uberdude’s concerns, I would suggest linking this to the Submit Move option so that the confirm dialog would only occur if that option is enabled. Then, if you are already using 2 actions to play a move, it shouldn’t irritate you if it takes 2 actions to request an undo.


Between the options of “confirmation dialog” and “no confirmation dialog”, I personally prefer the latter. And totally agree, “cancel undo” would be better than either!

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