Feature Request: Correspondance Games with auto-move-sealing

Three hour games that are typically played at face-to-face tournaments are not practical to play online as either live games, where people rarely have three hours to set aside in one day, or as correspondance games, where people have virtually limitless thinking time. However, it could work in a form similar to a correspondance game: Both people have, say, 90 minutes on the clock (plus byo-yomi), but all moves are automatically sealed, and your clock doesn’t start until you reveal your opponent’s move. If you can’t complete the game in one sitting, simply reveal your opponent’s move when you do have time to continue playing. Your opponent does not even have to be there, as his clock will not run until he reveals your move. We would still probably have to run the normal correspondance time control simultaniously, so your opponent can’t ignore his turn indefinitely.


That is genius. We need that. That is an insanely good idea. I would start playing as many games as I could in that sort of time control.


By the way, I put this on Uservoice.


Everyone vote for this 3 times :slight_smile:

It’s such an interesting and different approach to time control that I almost think that it should either become mandatory for rated correspondence games, forbidden, or that it should be cleaved off into a separate, 4th type of ranking.

So you’ll vote for it? :slight_smile:

Another option would be to classify it as live, because it’s basically that but longer and with constant adjournment. The speed is somewhere between live and correspondance, but probably closer to live unless you are really good at using your opponent’s time.

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If you have an infinite amount of opponent’s time and a board and web resources, it’s quite useful. This is why I think it’s more of a blend between live and traditional correspondence.

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