Feature request: Countdown improvement

Hey OGS!

I don’t think the issues have been raised, so long story short - I find countdown voice too distracting. It’s important to know when the byo period ends, so we do need to have it, but there are many ways to improve the experience:

  1. Introduce an option to chose counter on the hovering stone instead of voice.
  2. In blitz games countdown should not start before half of byo period.
  3. There is no point in having countdown at the end of base time, as there is nothing to lose there. I.e. if you slip by 1 second, you just lose one second, vs. slip in byo = 1 byo period gone. Optionally voice could say ‘Byo-yomi started’ or ‘Base time depleted’, or whatever is correct english to deliver: ‘Hey, now you’ve got whole byo-yomi period to think about the move you were about to play’

What do you think?

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