Feature request: Delayed live tournaments

Hello, I’d like to propose this feature for the tournament tool which I feel would make it a lot more viable for live tournaments.

When creating a live tournament, the tournament director can choose a time interval in which every round can be played.
Pairings are created with a default starting date and time within that interval.
A player can propose a time and date change within the interval, if the opponent accepts the game is rescheduled.
At the set time both players receive a challenge with the preset tournament rules.
If one or both fail to check in within a given time the game is cancelled and the absent player(s) disqualified or assigned a loss.

The TD sets every round to be played within a week.
Every pairing is created with a default start on Wednesday at 21:00 CET
Players can reschedule it at any time within a week from the start, if the opponent accepts.

This would mimic the structure of various popular online live tournaments and leagues like OSR, IGLO, MGA, Yunguseng Dojang, BeginnerGo and others. which are proven to work well for this format.

This stems from a proposal from @proskurius , GoMagic creator and Admin, to host a future league/tournament on OGS


Yeah! I believe it will be very helpful feature for everyone.


Sounds like a very good idea! I stopped using OGS on a regular basis because I’m not a fan anymore of correspondence games. However, I did enjoy organising tournaments on OGS before so a feature like this would be amazing for the community that mostly likes live games.