Feature Request: Discord Integration

I would really love to see OGS integrated into Discord so that we could have our OGS profile linked in our DIscord profile. It would also be great if people could see when we are playing on OGS and give the option to watch the game (link to the game) from inside Discord. I am sure there would be a lot of other benefits to doing so as well.


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This sounds like a great idea! Has anyone looked into this before? Anyone know what it would entail and whether there are any other benefits / drawbacks?

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I think this might be the other way around - to build a bot for discord and AFAIK OSR (http://openstudyroom.org/) has something like this already partly integrated.

Not sure what you need it for but asking @climu directly might be a good start :slight_smile:

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@AdamR I was not talking about building a bot, I was talking about having integration in Discord, similar to how Steam and Twitch are integrated.

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I am not sure how steam and twitch are integrated, but (and this is just my personal feeling, I am no part of the developement team) you might be thinking a little too big. Steam and Twitch are HUGE companies with milions of users. I do not think OGS is quite interesting enough for Discord to care about us to help with some integration (or maybe I misunderstood I am not that familiar with how twich and steam are integrated). But again I have no idea what all functions you have in mind.

I just know that OSR has a bot that IIRC can link players rank and nick to their profile if they want and/or see if they are online… Just wanted to hint in that direction If that is what you are interested in :slight_smile: Other than that I am gonna shut up and let people who know more talk about this. :slight_smile:

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Hi there.

What you are referring to is not actually a discord bot @AdamR . It’s a django app integrated in our website that link a OSR user with a discord user.

I know you love such technicals details Adam :slight_smile:

If it can help or inspire others, we are using a slightly modify version of django-discord-bind. It uses discord Oauth2 to allow user to link their profile with one click.

I know OSR use django REST API so maybe backend is partly django powered? If so it might be easy to have it. Otherwise it might still be interesting as inspiration.

I think @Cowslanlr was thinking of discord rich presence feature. I have not investigate at all in that direction but once you have user’s discord uid it should be doable.

Anyway, I don’t think I can help exept from explaining what we did at OSR. If you need details, just ping me.


@climu Yes, I believe rich presence is what I was thinking about. Thank you for clarifying what I was referring to. As far as having OGS linked to a Discord profile, I am not sure if that is something that can be done using rich presence or if that would have to be done another way. I am not a programmer, so I have no experience. I am just a man with an idea.


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