Feature request: Display # of handicap stones in game history/watch

It could be useful to know at a glance how many handicap stones are/were used in any game.
Perhaps this is already implemented, if so how do I display this info?


Maybe not only the number of the handicap stones, but also their positions?

This is in the “game information” item of the right hand menu (under the board on mobile)

I think the only way to know this is to scroll back through the game moves. (Unless it’s Japanese or other fixed handicap stones positions ofc!)


Thank you!

To be less vague, for instance handi info in the game history

or game watch


Hmmm, yes, I see. I’m afraid I can’t help you beyond clicking through to each game.

It seems that those lists are already pretty busy.
Maybe some kind of filtering system could eventually be possible? Then you could have handicap as a filter option without necessarily needing to display it for each game.

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For the position, you could deduce it from some chosen rules (chinese/japanese)

Not yet implemented >> feature request!

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Handi vs no-handi filtering would be already useful, good idea.

To know how many stones were used for handicap could be difficult with filters. Perhaps to avoid an extra column something as simple as H4 (for a four handi game) added to the game name or size column?

And somewhere around the board for the non-text list

It looks like a fundamental info about the game, it could be useful to have.

Added to title!

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If you want some homemade categorization of games, a way to do is to use the bookmarks of your browser. For example you can regroup all your handicap games in a folder (don’t have to move files, just bookmarks pointing to each)

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I think this would be great on the opposite side to the points for the player with the handi

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One can use color pictograms for denoting handicap, there are even default icons. 〇❷➁❸


The pictograms would be perfect!