Feature request: DM management

Recently, I discussed with a user about how if you got DMed and closed it, there is no way to know who DMed you if you don’t remember the username. If there was some area that shows messages that have been sent by you and sent to you I believe this would never happen. Another also mentioned that this has been discussed before by many others. I believe it is in the best interest of OGS usability that such a feature is implemented.

Thank you for the consideration - Daniel The Ultimate Otaku Cat Lord Of The Universe And Anime



One of the weirdest feature of OGS.

I’ll add that there is no warning at all that you’ll have to remember exactly the name if you want to discuss more.


Just to be sure but this (on forums) is not what you refer to.

You refer I think to the little window that pops up on the site?


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Yes, sorry if I was unclear, I was referring to the site.

This is something that everyone is very aware of but it’s way down the list I’m afraid.


If everyone is aware of it, it might be important and might be placed higher on the list.

Where can I find this list? For the sake of transparency I imagine that a lot of forum dwellers will be interested in it.

And do me a favour; don’t send me up the proverbial creek by referring to some Github action links, because these are usually incomprehensible for simpletons like me.


Sadly you answered to yourself. It’s there.


You missed the part about being transparent and comprehensible. And that is sad.

No i didn’t but what do you expect? Someone to copy/paste it in the forum? The workshop is there.

Sometimes ago, a log of the bugs/changes was published in the forum, if i am not wrong maintained by @benjito (thanks to him) but that can become quite a burden in the long term. Couldn’t find it again.


Compare with Dragon Go Server: we can search all direct (or private, another name) messages by username, subject, and even the contents of each message! And we do not need to remember exactly the user ID we talked with. Here, if we do not remember a single letter of this ID, we will not find it. Further, if there are similar usernames, we may have to check each one, among dozens of results (are all the results shown?? I cannot make a search and have a full page with all the results, using the top bar search field. It only shows a drop down menu which is impossible to use with the keyboard only!!) to find the one who has that chat with us.

Recently, I was playing a move in a game, concentrated in the game. At times, I write about moves, about game ideas, or just talk with the other player. It was also happening this, and suddenly a direct message window appeared minimized in my window. There would be no problem with this, if that thing did not COMPLETELY BLOCKED MY VIEW from the game chat window! I could not see what I was writing; I could not see what kind of message it would be, if I sent it at that moment with the ENTER key. So, as I was wanted to keep my attention in what I was doing, I simply closed the window, without looking anything. The ID in it was of a person who never talked with me before, but I remember nothing useful. Important to say that I usually have several browser tabs open with OGS. And there is one of them just for the main page, where we see the full boards of the games we can play a move - and in this window, that DM thing would not be a problem, and I would read the message and talk to the person there. Except that I discovered that we cannot see the direct messages we receive!! This is absurd.


I understand that it won’t solve a problem, but it might be convenient to know that you can move around pm/dm window. So you can unpin it and move it away in opposite corner of your screen.


ah yeah, sorry I’ve started and dropped that a couple times. It’s not a thing that’s easy to maintain :confused: Anyway I don’t think that would help here since @Atorrante is asking for a list of planned features. Still, I think there should not be so much fear around reading the GitHub issues list - most of them are written by non-developer people so they should be understandable.

(btw the DM issue doesn’t appear to be on that list - I think @teapoweredrobot was just using the expression to mean that it’s a low-pri known issue. Anyone feel free to add the issue on GitHub!)


Then there’re also mobile players.

Yes this.

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