Feature request: Don't bother me with rank


I know many players, me included, suffer from the Laddering Anxiety. Well, I was thinking about a “Don’t bother me with rank” option. Basically, it would work this way:

  1. When that option is enabled, all references to rank (my rank, or other players’ ranks) are hidden. Instead, when appropriated (during game, or when reviewing/accepting a game), the difference of level is displayed, something like +1s “plus one stone” or -3s (minus three stone) to tell the difference in strength between players
  2. But, as I keep playing ranked games, the server keeps following and updating my level, in the background. And it uses that information to pair me with player of adequate strength, and adjust the handicap.
  3. Everything goes on as usual, it’s just that I have no information (absolute rank) about my level of other players, only the difference of rank (relative rank). Even when I win or lose a rank level, I have no obvious way to know about that (except that all my friends will suddenly have their relative rank increased or decreased by one stone, but this cannot be helped).
  4. Of course, other players having this option disabled will have access to all that hidden information. In fact, they just won’t know I don’t want to be bothered about rank (to avoid spoiler…).
  5. Finally, it’s up to me to disable that option from time to time (once every a couple of months) to check about my progress… or not :smile:

I do not know about the feasibility of this. Maybe a specific CSS could do part of the job.

Thanks for reading, and best regards!


CSS is not a programming language.

But I like the idea. The suggested solution seems nice as well :smile:

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I don’t know, this sounds like a “safe space” button for Go.

If you were to push for it though, I think just a simple block of ALL rank info would work best. no rank indication in the least.

Most ladder anxiety stems from losing to someone either below or close to your rank, so this would be a simple fix.

I personally just ignore my rank, if I see it in chat or wherever it’s not a big deal, most players know their range anyways.

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I’ve thought about doing this in the past, but I didn’t know how many folks would use it. Can you make a feature request for it on http://ogs.uservoice.com/ so we can get a feeling about how the general community feels about it?


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