Feature request: filter game history

It would be great to filter a player’s game history by:

  • ranked / non-ranked
  • board size
  • game length type (blitz/live/correspondence)

Seems to me like something that would be relatively straightforward to implement. AFAIK, most if not all of that information is available through the API so anyone with the time, skills and inclination could have a crack at doing this on the open source front end (as opposed to it being a back end issue, in which case we have to rely on anoek). @GreenAsJade usually seems fairly knowledgeable about such things - any ideas mate on the ease of implementation? :man_shrugging:

And I guess the question for everyone else is this - is it worth it? Is this something people want to see? I for one would welcome it. :+1:

For comparison, this is already possible on DGS on users profiles to filter running / finished games or, indeed, all games across the whole site. See for example: DGS - Dragon Go Server :smiley:

As an example use case, I often filter my DGS games by handicap. This is not possible on OGS so I usually name handicap games “2 stone game” or similar to make it a bit easier. Still not very easy though…

It’s not that easy. Before any filters get applied, the server is only queried for the most recent 10/50/whatever games, so only those results could be filtered in a straightforward fashion. How the server is called and how data is stored would need to be completely reworked to get all matching results based on your filter.

(we’ve been asking for this for a while haha)


Oh :slightly_frowning_face:

Well, I guess that one might have to go in the “maybe” pile :laughing:

FTR, it would be good to be able to query the games database in more creative ways more easily. But understood, that is actually a lot of work so unlikely to happen any time soon.

Thanks for the info @BHydden

On the profile page, there is a search box, where you can filter for games against a user. That doesn’t seem to just look through the last X games.


It’s possible the query issue has already been solved by @anoek and I simply forgot. After all we have filters on the games tab and as you say player search in history… I just can’t think of why both those features would be added and not a history filter at the same time :thinking:


If we do, I’m happy to implement it…


BHydden’s unranked 9x9 corrs:


Filtering by game speed is sketchy, maybe there’s a better way.


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