Feature request: filter games page by time settings / game duration within live games page

I prefer to spectate long games, where I think the players have a chance to take the game more seriously. It’s hard to find an “objectively good” way to filter, because byo yomi and fischer time could have very short main time and very long periods, or people could play with absolute time, so the most flexible option would be to provide some kind of open menu for filtering so the user enters the data themselves.
As a starting point, though, we might be able to get to a “good enough first pass” with the following criteria for filtering:

  1. “short” game has under 15 minutes of main time
  2. “medium” game has more than 15 and fewer than 30 minutes of main time
  3. “long” game has 30+ minutes of main time

For the record, AIUI this is a “difficult request” - even though it’s not intuitively obvious that it would be - and requires backend support, AFAIK.

Therefore, don’t hold your breath :slight_smile:

(I know this because I wanted to filter the live game list by “games with Malkovitch” logs and it turned out to be harder than I expected).

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Eh, your feature’s implemented now.

Do you mean Malkovitch filter? Yes … I did end up doing that, and it did need back-end support.

I also didn’t get as far as I wanted with it … you can filter “yes/no” whether they have logs, but you can’t currently sort them by the ones that have the most logs - once again, a bit more tricky to do than it seems.

Not impossible - and this filter is not impossible either - I was just giving heads up to anyone diving in about the nature of the work involved.

I just realised something else … this feature is in fact what the seek graph does.

That means that I might be wrong :sweat_smile: If seek graph already has the info, then it may be a front-end easy job to put the filter in place.

BUT … it also means you can already find the games of the speed you want :wink:

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Yep, games do have a time_per_move field, which I think means that this would be easier than Malkovich? But afaik all the filtering for this page happens on the backend. While a frontend-only filter is possible, it might be unnecessarily complicated.

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If I’m interpreting the original request correctly, the seek graph won’t help since it displays only challenges, not active games.

The seek graph code actually looks like it used to support showing active games as well. That might be a cool feature to bring back (on a different page), but only if there’s enough interest.


Ah yes :woman_facepalming: I should not be allowed to post before morning coffee :smiley:

That said…

… sounds excellent :slight_smile:


It would probably work better on the ~100 or so live games than the ~20,000 correspondence ones anyway :slight_smile:

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This should be a global requirement I think :sweat_smile:

At first I thought: “that could be a nice cloud!”
But then I realised that those games shoud mostly share same settings, so instead of a cloud they should look like a bunch of lines