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I hope to have chosen the correct category to do feature requests ^ ^"

Lately, i had the idea to start to work in a introductory serie to the game in my native language(spanish), oriented mainly to develop very basic skills for now, step to step, following the GoChild’s philosophy.
Due this, it would find nice if i could to create that kind of puzzles here, and i don’t think that is very difficult, really. Mostly, to create these puzzles’d need two features: 1. puzzles where the player always plays and there isn’t respond of “the machine”, and 2. some problems are about to select stones or groups of the board, instead to put stones(exercises to develop the pattern recognition).

I really find this approach to the teaching of go very valuable, and i think i’d be a plus for this server :smile:

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For #1, yes we’ll be introducing controls so that the puzzle creator can disable the random color system to make that possible.

Re #2, can you clarify that some more? Are you referring to puzzles about dead stone removal?

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Sry :/, I reread my post and did express bad my idea for #1, i meant problems where there isn’t stones alternating and when Black plays there isn’t a White’s respond. Example: an exercise where there is one stone on the board, and Black might to capture, playing 4 stones continually.

For #2, yes, that’s one possibility. Basically, these would be a kind of “multiple-selection” exercises. Examples from Gochild are selection of dead stones and selection of illegal moves.

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