Feature request: game history filter options

I would love to be able to filter my game history by date and board size especially. It would also be nice to be able to filter by type of win (time, annulled, resignation, a range of points) or filter to view only tournament games, or only games when i was black or white, etc. I’m sure there are lots of other options people would like, too. Right now im just trying to find out how many games ive played excluding 9x9… and its surprisingly hard to tell.


This is a nice place to start: https://online-go.com/library

Hi It’s not quite right. I tried on my user and shows me only 171 games with only name filtering ( anything else on “any” ) On my profile i have over 300 games. Seems the private games don’t show up.

Here is the developing log for the filters


the problem I am having there, and maybe its just a problem for me, is I can’t find a list of all my games there because I have changed my username.

Also, there is a player with the name ‘jonasdn’ and when i search for ‘jonasd’ his games show up there as well.

It would be great to have those same search options added into my personal game history so I know im searching through all my games and only my games.

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The biggest immediate problem is that I cannot select the games that I won. (It’s only “Black won”.)


@Wulfenia I subscribe

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