Feature Request: Hearing The Countdown Timer In Analyze Mode

I am playing more Live games these days and find myself in Analyze mode regularly mid-match. I’ve lost a few games recently though on account that the countdown timer is utterly silent when in Analyze Mode. Would it be possible to add a toggle for this feature in the options? I would personally prefer to keep the timer so that I do not risk timing out of a match.

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It’s the first time I hear about someone using analysis while playing a live game.
Isn’t that confusing?
I’m sure you could forget about clock. I would indeed! :grin:


As a newbie I use it sometimes. If a life and death problem is complicated, sometimes it’s easier to try out 5-10 moves and then decide whether it’s worth the try.
Using keyboard shortcuts (F1 to enter analyze mode, Esc to exit) it can be pretty fast to try out variations.

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