Feature request: Mastodon link in profile pages

Would it be an idea to add Mastodon as a category to the social media links in profile pages? I’ve seen lots of go players open accounts there.


We don’t have any social media links AFAIK.

On the main site you can link to other Go servers or associations, you can also freely add any text or links you wish to the about me section.

Here on the forums you have a single link section to which you can add any link, and you also have a description to which you can add any text or links you wish.

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Ah, it seems I was mistaken. I saw the Social account linking option in Account settings and misunderstood what they were for.



It depends on how you interpret that, since when creating an account there’s an option to sign in with Facebook, or twitter and same in the “social account linking section” of account settings.

Maybe that’s adding to the confusion. Does that normally show up on the profile page?

Yeah, but mastodon doesn’t support x-site sign in yet, does it?


I honestly have no idea

Where the Go players hangning out? I’m on fosstodon!


/me —> Bonobo (@Bonobo@chaos.social) - chaos.social (lemme know who you are pls :slight_smile: )

Been there for a while already but only recently began using it more, after the birdsite’s crazy new owner got even crazier.

Other profiles: bonobo | Where to find me


I want to know too! I’m totally lost on mastodon and want not to be :stuck_out_tongue:


So you’re one of the cool kids :smiley:. I’m on toot.community.

But based on my past Twitter activity it’s probably not worth following me. :zipper_mouth_face:


Hahaha, born in 1957, I hope I’m one of the cool ol’ geezers, but I will admit that I feel like a teenage kid mostly, inwardly :grin: I just hope that I don’t BEHAVE like one :rofl:


I deleted my 15-ish year old Twitter account when Musk took over, but I didn’t use it much anyway. I think Twitter was mostly for politicians, celebrities, journalists, influencers, companies etcetera and their followers.
I don’t really care what happens to Twitter. I never felt I belonged there anyway.

I did make a Mastodon account, but I probably won’t use it much either. TBH I hardly even use my Facebook account in recent years.


I think the easiest way to find Go players on Mastodon is to search for related hashtags and follow people who use those. In the most recent version of Mastodon you can even follow hashtags, which means that every time somebody writes about #baduk or #weiqi those posts show up in your feed. I found loads of Go players that way.