Feature Request: menu display on mobile devices

Hello Team,

I hope this is the right place to post suggestions :smile:

I have a feature request that I believe it’s quite simple but useful, regarding the order in which the game board page is displayed on mobile devices. Currently when you open a game on a mobile device this is what you see:

  1. Board
  2. Chat
  3. Game options (analyze game, estimate score, etc)

My suggestion is to swap the display order 2 and 3, so that the game options come before the chat. The reason behind this being that I use these options way more often than I use the chat, and is sometimes a bit inconvenient to scroll up and down to, for example, analyze a game and then place a few stones and scroll down to estimate score, etc … Hope that makes sense.

And that’s it, fairly simple but I feel it would make a big difference. I’m attaching a screenshot just to show how it looks right now. Please let me know if I need to clarify or explain anything a bit further.



The problem I see with your suggestion is that it’s already very easy to miss chat messages when on a mobile device. The menu options don’t change so it doesn’t matter if they’re a little further away because there’s nothing to miss. I feel if we move chat all the way to the bottom, it won’t only exacerbate the problem people already have of missing messages.


I also use the menu options much more than I use the chat.

Hi BHydden,

Good point, just the other day I read a thread about missing chat messages and how “rude” or “unpolite” this is towards your opponent. However I can think of a few reasons why this isn’t all that important, for example chat conversations don’t affect the functionality of the website or the game itself, and there are more ways to contact your opponent via PM or other chat rooms. My final reason is that when playing go on the phone people may just want to pass the time rather than having a conversation, but even then if they really want to still can by scrolling a bit down further.

This last point btw makes me curious to know how’s the traffic on mobile devices compared to desktop users? I personally use both about the same I’d say, but it’d be good to know so that we can weight the pros and cons of this feature.


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