Feature Request: Mouse Anti-Slip: Require 1/3rd sec hover to accept click

Hi there!

Since I’ve acquired a notebook, and am fiddling with one of these fancy clickpads, I’ve grown fond of the mouse anti-slip system that KGS’s CGoban3 provides; on OGS, I’ve had at least one misclick in every game…

CGoban implements this by requiring that your mouse hovers for some amount of time above a specific coordinate to accept any click-input; if you click before that, only a “ding” sound plays, to indicate that the click has been rejected.

I dislike Undos, especially avoidable ones, and in a halfway serious game they interrupt the flow; also, around my rating it’s still common enough that distinguishing between a misclick and a generic wrong move is not really possible. I’d like to avoid any such unnecessary conflicts, too.

Thanks for all your work!


There is “double click” option to make some sort of anti-slip. I agree that some sort of delay like in KGS would be a bit better.


Sorry, I honestly didn’t see that; now that you mention it, it’s in plain sight. Double-click should work fine for me.

Double-click helps, but I still get the occasional misclick. Hover-time implementation would be nice.


That’s a great idea, i’ll add it in as an option.