Feature Request: (mouseover) Game Variants - including the initial position

Sometimes, when I start watching a game (later then the beginning)
I take a look to a earlier User-sugested Game Variation like

variation: d1

but I do not know the initial position from
and often can’t understand the meaning of the variation, because already later played moves distorting the picture.

Is it possible to add to the Variations, the initial position (+1 move) as an mouse over like

> game variation: d1

and mouseover the word game you will find the initial position and as usual on mouseover by varaition: d1 the users suggestion?

Edit: (I know I can reach the initial position over “Game analyzing” but then I have to leave the ongoing game. But I want to stay in the game and only use the mouseover in the time between their players moves to understand the earlier development of this particular game)

In chat, where you find the move variations, you’ll see horizontal lines noting the move numbers. If you are interested in the context of a variation posted in chat just scroll/look above where the variation was posted to the last time you see the horizontal line with the move number… click that and it will jump to that move in the game display.


It looks like this:


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