Feature Request: Notes field for correspondence games

Hi, sorry if request has already been proposed.
I don’t knoe if I am the only player (being still weak maybe?) who has the same problem but, anyway, I would like to have, for correspondece games, some sort of private note field in order to remenber ideas, not necessarily moves, about local or strategic lines to follow. To me it would be useful, especially when there are many games rolling, or playing very slow games.


I agree that this would be a great feature. The malkovich log kindof works, but a dedicated Notes section would be nice.

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Hi, what is the malkowich log? How do I activate it during a game?

It’s the little book icon above the chat that has a green theme.

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oh, i didn’t know about that; well I think that i can be useful too; At the end of the game it turns visible to the contender but then it’s not important anymore.
thank you for the info!

But if I understand correctly, It’s also visible ingame to players not playing in the game. The Notes feature would only be visible to the player taking the notes.

I think that’s true, and I just had an interesting thought.

Some people on OGS have two different accounts. If they are able to log into a second account and get the Malkovich log of an opponent during a correspondence game, this could be very bad.

Of course, this is poor sportsmanship, but I don’t think the system should allow for the possibility. Perhaps we can make Malkovich logs private to everyone until the game is over? Or do that for a notes field, as @Sailing and @Samraku suggest.


Well, I think that one of the advantages of the Malko log is that spectators can read the thoughts of two players during a friendly correspondence game, so I think that a new tab for personal game notes would be the best solution.

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I use the Malkovich log quite often for my variation experiments in corr. games, and TBH, if anybody of my opponents would really use a second acct. to look into it (which I cannot, don’t want to, and will not imagine :slight_smile: ), they’ll only cheat themselves in the end.

But yes, a private notes feature would be nice for those who don’t have this trust in their opponents.

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There are no players on OGS unworthy of trust.


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I like that attitude, and I also like to think that “bad people” don’t exist, that they are “just” temporarily misguided. And then there are people who think I’m naïve …

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Well, I’m the type of person who likes to find loopholes and close them. Unless you have the same tendency, you would not believe how many board games have obvious loopholes which would break the game if exploited. So my support for adding a notes feature stems not from an inherent distrust of OGS denizens, but rather from an inclination to protect against the theoretical possibility of untrustworthy denizens of the same.


Did I even use the word ‘denizen’ correctly? I tend to have a ‘if in doubt, use it’ policy on uncommon words on which I am uncertain as to the meaning of. I’m about 95% certain I used ‘denizen’ legitimately, though.

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http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/denizen :slight_smile:


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