Feature Request: Nr. Of Observers in Games listing

Right now it’s not possible to see for me where everyone is hanging out and kibitizing, I only got heads up when used chat, then someone told me where everyone is hanging out. Had I not chatted, I’d have never known and missed a jolly good show.

Even if I know there’s a crowd of kibitzes, it’s not so easy to find them.

If every game in the list has the nr. of observers next to it, people will flock there and a crowd will form that probably goes on to watch other games (and more of course, Go is also a spectator sport :slight_smile: )

Now if I have missed how to use this setting properly, then I’d love to see the observer nr. colum there by default or an easy way to set it.


I think someone suggested this a couple of months ago.

Here’s a recent one: Suggestion: Show number of people watching on /observe-games

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Aha :wink:

Well, to quote:
“Yep it’s on the books just gonna need a bit of work and a few things above it right now but im pretty keen for this too”

So, sorry for double posting, but clearly it’s popular so it deserved a natural ping.

(sits back, brews tea and waits patiently (or, well, tries to))

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I can’t find a matching issue on the GitHub, so I don’t really know what “on the books” means in this case :woman_shrugging:

Hmm, maybe the intention was good intention and then, life happened?

Maybe give BHydden a ping?

I did ping, let’s see if we get an ack.

It would be a fun thing to have!

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Oh if @BHydden said it, I’m sure it’s in there somewhere (or in mod chats or something)

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