Feature request: OGS Announcements link

It’d be really helpful if the OGS Announcements subforum was available as a direct link on the top bar of the main site right besides ‘Help’.

For people who may not browse the forums often, it would seem like there’s not much communication from the dev team about planned changes/bug fixes and so on. On the main page of the site, there is a changelog, but it hasn’t been updated for over a year.

It seems that the OGS Announcements subforum is where bug fixes and planned changes are posted but given that it’s a subforum, it’s a bit obscure to find when viewing the forums with the default ‘latest’ view (as opposed to categories) so such a link would be very helpful.

Yes, there’s already a ‘Forums’ link on the main page, but if that subforum is going to be the main place where devs communicate to users about what’s going on with site development, it should really be visible as a direct link at the top of the page for ease of access and visibility. It’s a super simple change code wise and I think it’d help a lot.

For me, I’d find it a lot easier to support the site if a dev log/announcement page/call it what you will was both available from the main page with one click and more active. Communication about what’s happening is one of the things that I value the most.


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