Feature Request: Option to remove link to tournaments that a user has resigned or been eliminated from

After entering a tournament, a link to it remains on your Home and Profile pages until it concludes. In some cases that can take years. I’m not going to guess how long this one might take if it ever actually starts.

So I’m suggesting a simple feature to allow removal of the link to a tournament from the Home & Profile pages for any user who has resigned or been eliminated. It could be an option on the tournament page itself or available on the Home and/or Profile page. Please excuse the crude mock up:


Perhaps followed by a simple confirmation window. Not even crudely mocked up.



I would like if tournaments were automatically hidden from my profile and overview, if i’m already DQ’d or resigned from them.

There could maybe even be a checkbox in settings like: [_] Hide disqualified tournaments
That checkbox could also hide tournaments from other players profiles, if they have been dropped out from their tournaments.


Your idea is probably better than mine and maybe easier to implement and easier to use. Most people would take the same approach to all tournaments that they are no longer active in so I like it. eg:

Or alternatively, that could be made the default and an option to ‘show all’ tournaments added.


AND an option for show none in that case


This is something I have wanted done for a long time now. I absolutely agree, thank you for bringing this up!


We desparately need a developer to look into this (wink wink)


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