Feature request: Please use an audio cue /voice announcement when UNDO is requested

It is very easy to miss when the opponent requests an UNDO. Maybe an announcer saying “undo requested” would be best - pretty much in the same way there is an announcer counting down the last 10 seconds. A simple audio cue like a ping may not be enough - people may not know what it means first time they hear it (the undo request is infrequent).


Nice idea!

I believe, though, that audio may not be really reliable b/c many people turn it off and/or it may not work at all (like, my machine’s internal speakers have apparently died and I had to get me some external speakers).

BTW, here is my UserVoice entry for a similar request, albeit visually: Flash Game Page Background (or something) When Opponent Requests Undo

Meanwhile I think that maybe a blinking bold red question mark (:question:) on the opponent’s last move could suffice, maybe with a little explaining help flag when hovering over it.


Would just like to add my support for this kind of feature. As you mention trodhe it should probably not be an audio cue, but something to make the undo request clearer would be great.

I especially have a problem with this when playing correspondence games on my phone, then I only see the actual board and the top of the two player “squares” when I view the game. So I never see the request for an undo.

A big red question mark sounds like a great way to make it clear that an undo was requested, without adding more clutter to the display.

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