Feature request: possibility to set players during demo game


  • Demo game owner for purposes of review or education would greatly
    benefit by the possibility to set arbitrary player from the crowd as
    one of active players.
  • By starting game mode, set players could then play out variations or even whole games.
  • Right to enter and exit game mode resides with active control bearer.
  • Right to set or remove active players resides with active control bearer.
  • Active control bearer can pass control to other crowd member(?) or return it to game owner
  • Demo game owner can always choose to take back control.

Example use
feel free to extend

  • upgrade to existing request found at Feature Request: forking a review for review purposes
  • during teaching session, game owner wants to engage his/hers students presenting a problem to solve. Rather then swamping discussion space, or braking the thought flow by constantly typing moves teacher could set him/her self as one and student as other player and just play out the problem.
  • possibility of making capture go (or other go variation) session, with arbitrary people, without need for setting up endless amount of demo boards.
  • social benefit: instead of starting many friendly games, one could open demo board, hang out with a group, chat, swapping players, resetting games, never leaving one board.

Mock-up of suggested changes

Thank you for your time : )


please vote for it on ogs.uservoice by following

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