Feature Request: Profile Page toggle for board/list game display

I know the setting exists on the settings page to select the maximum number of game boards to display on a profile page and that one of these options is a list.

I find myself in the situation where this is no longer a set and forget setting for my use.

There are times when I want to quickly browse through a player’s current games to observe the board state in each, in which case the board view is excellent.

There are also times when I want to quickly scan a games list to see how many tournament and/or ladder games a player is in (as well as what round those games are of what ladder positions are up for grabs) in which case the list view is excellent.

Since I enjoy both of these, I find myself constantly navigating back into the settings menu to switch between one or the other, would it be possible to keep the maximum boards functionality in the settings menu but to also add a toggle button to each profile page to quickly swap between board view and detailed lists?

I guess I’m the only one then? :confused: oh well

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