Feature Request: Puzzle Collection Management

First of all, I would like to thank the developers who created and designed the new Puzzles feature. I love it so much.

Secondly, the Puzzles feature is rudimentary. I feel many practical features don’t exist. I was annoyed on a few occasions about the lack of certain features. The absence of collection management options, in particular, is so baffling I almost wonder why it wasn’t available from the very start.

Thirdly, I realize you all are working (slowly, painstakingly, I’m sure) on the tournament overhaul. Consider this my personal suggestions (a wishlist, if you like) for the Puzzles feature:

  1. The option to rename a collection.

  2. The option to delete a collection.

  3. The option to re-order puzzles in a collection.

  4. The option to toggle public and private status on a collection.

  5. The ability to download puzzles in a collection.


This could be done with “tag” feature I earlier posted on some other thread.
Basically every user could tag a puzzel(or a game for that matter) and it would be added to some collection the user selects. This way people could also make combinations of others puzzle collections. Just tag a problem here and there and after you are done it could be “shared”. No need to create a new “collection” just a tag list with the new order.

This would be VERY nice but it could also fragment the puzzle statistics. Since there is no good android client for OGS yet. I would only want to download puzzles so that I could solve them offline with my phone without loading times and web interface. With a proper client the statistics could be saved and uploaded later to the server but with downloaded SGF’s it wouldn’t be possible. I think the statistics for problems are important as they can give ranking information and other nice stuff.

Great suggestions so far. :slight_smile: I’m sure anoek has most of it on his list already, but still: Keep them coming! :blush:

Great suggestions - I’d also like to see more work on these. I’ve been adding my own private collections but would love to be able to share my collections with one or two people that I specify. Also, how about a shuffle feature? or a “Do all 5kyu problems” feature?

I totally agree with mark5000. I hope that this request would get reviewed and implemented soon.

Can u guys create a puzzle like variations after joseki’s for the beginner players