Feature request: recreate correspondence challenges when cancelled immediately

A large proportion of my correspondence game challenges are cancelled immediately, without me having the chance to play a move. It is frustrating to return to the site to find that most of my challenges have gone to waste while I was away.

To avoid this problem I would like to suggest that when a correspondence game is cancelled, then the challenge should be automatically recreated, provided that:

  • the game was cancelled by the player who accepted the challenge and…
  • the player who issued the challenge is yet to make a move

This would guarantee that correspondence challenges are not wasted while the challenger is away, without penalising anyone else.

( Thanks and kudos to all of the OGS devs for doing such a great job on the site :slight_smile: )


Yeah this is old problem. The idea is great. I’m just not sure if the time it takes to code that (who knows how long) should be used. It’s not that slow just to recreate the game challenges.
It also helps if you type some good game information CAPITALIZED for people who are too lazy to read what they are actually accepting. I used “VERY LONG GAME” It worked better than nothing :wink:

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Personally I think this would be a waste of the developers time.

I think this would be useful.

However, I can think of many things i would like to see first.

here’s a thread about the same topic:

i think everyone understands that the current system is a bit of pita, but that there aren’t
clear solutions and it kind of works well enough. i’m not sure i’d want something with a
vague policy committing me to playing games

although i do have a tangental whine…i usually set min rank because i dont like playing
high handicap games. however the rank being used to compare is the aggregate rank,
not the corr rank, which is used to select handicap. so i end up playing 9 stone games
even though i really would rather not…(try to stay w/in 5 in either direction)…so after
a couple really frustrating games i think i’m just going to start cancelling them thus
making them another source of stillborn corr games
(there, there’s my tie in)

Please forgive the off-topic …[quote=“yuri, post:5, topic:6393”]
i usually set min rank because i dont like playinghigh handicap games

I can tell you of the immense joy and pleasure and satisfaction of winning a game against 21 stones :joy: (not here, though, it was a Real Life game).


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