Feature request: "rematch" button default to current game settings


I just played a game where someone challenged me, and I wanted a rematch, but the rematch button defaulted to whatever settings it currently defaults to, which might be the last settings I used: this was a correspondence game and when I hit “rematch” it suggested a live game.

It would be great if “rematch” defaulted to “the same type of game I just played against this person”.


I could have sworn it used to do that, though maybe it’s my imagination.

I agree, rematch certainly should be a rematch of the same parameters.


The existence of challengeRematch() seems to indicate this was indeed a regression (though I’m not sure what caused it)

The refactoring to Game.tsx would have moved that code around, but there were also updates to the challenge modal itself sort of recently.

One day one of these things is going to prompt someone to completely redo ChallengeModal … and there will be much rejoicing :rofl: