Feature request: "restrict new players from joining" checkbox

On game creation please add a checkbox that upon checking prevents players from joining that game if their account was created less than 10 days ago or has less than 5 ranked or unranked games played during that time.

Reason: troll controll.

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New players need to be made to feel welcome. This is to everyone’s benefit in the long run and frankly the mod team does an astonishingly good job of troll control.

I can’t see your rank/profile on the main site but if you really need a break from new players, use custom games with rank restriction that excludes the starting rank or join tournaments that don’t allow provisional players.


For the record, the OP has been subject to new-account-creation-troll hassling him after he blocks the each account.

It’s very difficult to control.

Fortunately, it doesn’t happen often, but I’m sympathetic with the suggestion.

(FTR my preference would be to require a validated email on signup, ruling out email anonymisers, but I’m currently in the minority about this)


i guess new players could maybe be restricted to beginner class rank aka 18k+
then start from there?

There is no reason to think that new players are beginners. Often they are not.


I believe this suggestion has no value. All a troll would do is wait until their “new” status has passed (whatever standard you set) and then begin trolling. Many trolls already do this. They like to play a few normal games before they begin their trolling, because they know they will be banned in most cases soon after they start trolling.


Which is exactly the time people will be free from that troll. The difference will be wether a player is bothered by a troll once every 10 days or once every 10 minutes.

It’s 10 minutes either way. I can easily add 5 games to my history in less then a minute.

To crate a gmail-account takes less than a minute. Ruling out email anonymisers doesn’t help.

And then wait 10 more days, okay. So let’s asume you created 20 accounts, played 5 games on each, and waited 10 days since that moment. Hooray, you can troll now. But wait, all 20 accounts were blocked by players? Now you have to wait 10 days for your next 20 accounts. Nope, it’s still 10 days and not 10 minutes for you.

Does rank-restricting challenges work for this case? Or is the new-user-troll also setting their rank on registration?

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You can’t set your rank on registration.

Some trolls are perfectly capable of ranking up to SDK quickly anyhow.

I guess if there were an easy solution we’d have done it already.

Fortunately, there are really only one or two persistent trolls, so while for the few people who the few trolls take time to target it is a sad problem, it’s probably not worth sweating over: reports and moderators are there for the corner cases.


how are players ‘trolling’? there seems to be some common recognition as to what this is.

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There are a variety of ways. Sometimes someone will just repeatedly join another person’s games, then drop out after a couple of turns, to harass them. That’s just one example. People who want to harass other people find ways… fortunately there aren’t many of those trolls, and their harassment is contained enough to make it pretty pointless, so on the whole the community is not particularly aware of it, as far as I know.

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