Feature request: save tsumego preferences

Specifically I am trying to work on the cho chikun elementary, which are all oriented the same way and for which B and W have specific meanings, and it’s very annoying to open the page or refresh it and readjust these settings every time.

My particular use case is mobile, where the settings are below and therefore easy to forget.


Hmm, I thought it did remember settings.

Do you mean settings like the zoom, color and orientation flips, random transformations and colours etc?

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I do mean those yes. And I just solved a tsumego and went to the next one in the set and it forgot my settings. (Again, on mobile).

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Yes I can see that happening to me also on mobile. I’ll check again on pc, but maybe it’s only storing whether to have the randomise toggles and the zoom on/off.

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So what settings is it you’d like to save exactly?

So at least some of the elementary puzzle set appear to be oriented to be in the upper left corner and have consistent enough colours already (from a random sampling).

Is it that you want them all to appear in another corner? Or to flip all the puzzles colours or?

I think it would be nice if they were all:

  1. in the upper left corner
  2. black to play
  3. only a subset of the board

On mobile this does not happen.

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