Feature Request: Saving Volume Level


The stone sound hurts my ears so I have to put the volume level down to 2% for every game.

It would be great if the volume level was saved! I have also tried setting volume level in my profile settings but it didn’t save either.

Thanks for considering this addition!

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It’s saved, but I believe as a cookie, so if you always come in incognito mode/different devices/etc., it will be reset.

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I second that, as far as i know, sound and board settings etc. are saved as a cookie. Every time you delete your cookies or login from a different device, it will be reset.

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Well, they are reset for that certain device only on which you delete the cookies. If you log in from a different device, the settings saved on the other device stay in place for that device, meaning that every device remembers the settings set on that device.

Ouf, now I fear I haven’t really made it any clearer :smiley:

That’s right. I should have been clearer… :blush:

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Oh, no, I didn’t mean to criticize your statement (like in “should […]”) … things are confusing sometimes, and I just wanted to co-operate with you in making them less so :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry but I have a recorring problem with this.

I have set the volume low so that STONE SOUND doesn’t hurt my ears when playing game.

But GAME START sound is very quiet and I often miss it and do not realize the game started until later.

Is there any way to resolve this? Volume control could leave game start loud, or there could be two volume bars?

Sorry to ask so much…

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Maybe this is a retarded comment, but to me it seems weird that volume would save as a cookie instead of in your profile. Are you sure about this?

And now for the retarded part :smiley::
when you are changing the volume for the games, there is a little icon next to it labeled save the volume (on hover). Have you tried it? I am sorry if you did, I just thought one could easily miss it, because to me it just seemed as part of the graphics at first :smiley:

It’s definitely a cookie, and seems like a reasonable choice. Maybe I want to hear sound on my PC but not on my phone. Problem solved. Saving it writes the cookie, or else the volume change is only for that game.


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