Feature request: set custom images for stones

Could I get someone to make a small feature on ogs?

I would like users to be able to give a link to an Img url for the stones like they do for the board. I would like it to be ready for the event I am trying to run in the near future. Anoek said you can make changes to this and he can merge it. But he doesn’t have time for it atm (fair). https://github.com/online-go/goban/blob/main/src/themes/image_stones.ts#L190-L242

Event rough draft: Dragon’s Hoard


Sharing related feature request ^

If you find a volunteer, I’m happy to answer questions about environment setup/testing etc.


A different name for this post might have generated some excitement. Getting to set custom (vector) images for stones would definitely be cool!


Indeed. Post titles should be direct and describe the actual subject of the post, not a meta title like “I want a thing” (say the thing you want) or “I have a question” (say the question) or “I have a problem” (say the problem). Every feature request could have this title, of course it’s not going to be “Feature request for someone who doesn’t have the time”.

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Is that a better title?


Definitely! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks @teapoweredrobot!

Also, I removed “(vector)” because I assume custom raster images would suit Clossius’s needs as well.


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