Feature Request: Teaching mode

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Following this thread,
I would like to put my idea concerning this topic in here:

To summarize the question on teaching game functionalities on OGS:
you can share variations in analyse mode during the game.
Online and real-time fiddling with stones can be done in review mode. So far so good.

However, I would like to see the functions from review mode during the actual game. So if the student makes a crazy move the teacher can show him things in real time, place markers and stones on the board etc. while the student is watching. The problem with sharing variations is that you first have to hack it in, only then be able to talk about it but making changes or show different variations quickly is a pain.
However switching from the game to review mode all the time is a hassle too.
So, in a teaching game it would be supercool to enable the teacher to take back moves, paint on the board, mark things etc. Just like in review mode.

Kgs has it, if you start a designated teaching game all those options become available to the teacher. Because of this my teacher and me go kgs for teaching games but I would be very happy if we could do it on OGS for obvious reasons :wink:


FYI of course this topic has come up before … heres one small thread on it

I don’t think you’ll be seeing it any time soon - it needs solid back-end support, and I imagine would be well behind other substantial feature requests would be my guess, even though I’d love to see it myself


Aight, thanks for the heads up. I will wait patiently :smiley:

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well behind other substantial feature requests




I have to say though… I can’t really see why it should be that low on the priority list, since OGS puts a strong emphasis on learning the game and IMHO teaching games are by far the best way to do so. Also, the functions for the requested feature are already implemented in the demoboard mode, but lacking the possibility to switch from “control” to “play”… again I am not a dev and may be wrong on this though.


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Harrrrr enough with the thread hijacking, ye pirates! :pirate_flag:

I would like some opinions on the teaching mode thingy though


Sorry about that, as you were :slight_smile:

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While it’s true the features exist separately, can we be sure it would be simple to combine analyze mode and review mode?

My instinct tells me that would be a substantial amount of work…


FWIW, I’d find this feature useful as well though!

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More useful than rengo IMHO :upside_down_face:


Wait a sec why did I say that, rengo would actually be pretty fun. I just feel like rengo pops up whenever any other feature is mentioned. :confounded:


True I for one can just guess on this one.
However, being able to play back and forth on a demoboard would suffice… and the option to switch from play back and forth to the normal demomode of course

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Bump this! I would like this as well~~

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You don’t need to bump a topic from an hour ago :rofl:


Bumping this. What about comments?

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FWIW I too would put this ahead of rengo and AI updates. IMO, we can already analyse our games with AI if we want to using many tools out there - I don’t see this as a good differentiator for OGS when development resources are precious.

Rengo is a nice thing, but also hardly core - more like a gimmicky addon. Wheras teaching mode goes to the heart of growing the community and advancing Go generally, and aligns with the supportive nature of the community.

I don’t feel motivated to talk more about what the features should be, because we’ve already had rich discussions about that, and it’s totally hypothetical for the foreseeable future until there’s some indication that it might get some dev effort.


Respectfully disagree. Not everyone has the know-how to download AI-tools or the hardware to run good analysis.

If it works as advertised then I see the recent upgrade of ‘AI Analysis’ to ‘Interactive AI Analysis’ as a BIG plus for the site. Hopefully it’s an improvement that will help to fund future development by increasing support.

Totally agree with this. :+1:


Heck, I probably have the know-how to download the big boy tools, but I still just use OGS because I’m a lazy bum :joy:


Perfectly stated!


Well, I guess this is why we have discussions, to learn other people’s experiences eh?

I stand corrected on the universality of AI availability…