Teaching type games: features needed

A while back there was a suggestion that there should be a special type of game called “teaching”

I thought it was a good idea, even though the only benefit put forwards at the time is that it would be good to be able to filter and maybe count these (show how much teaching someone is doing).

Oh, and of course unranked.

And indeed that would be good.

However, having been doing some teaching recently, I’ve realised there are a few things I’d like in a “teaching” game to make it better for teaching.

The first is the ability to change sides. It is very useful to swap side when the teacher accidentally gets too far ahead of the student, and they start to feel despair.

The next is the ability to undo without asking. In a teaching game, either player should be able to back the game through any number of turns to experiment with something else.

These two things would make teaching a much smoother experience for the teacher, providing much better flexibility with the game outcome and hence quicker paths to actual lessons you want to show.



I would propose the possibility to edit the board for the teacher in teaching games


Well, basically it should be the current demoboard, but “the student” should be able to play moves, without having to pass control each time? Or do you have a different idea?


CGoban’s (Teaching game) functions are the gold standard:

  • free editing
  • labeling moves
  • start/stop game at any point (“resume play” = time controls stay intact!)
  • scoring tool available at any point