Ideas for us

To be better its simple, implement just 1 I’ve pondered:

  1. customizations
  2. accolades or badges
  3. ranking (Option to view in other formulas ie, elo, EGF AGA, NHK estimates)
  4. resignation by nuclear tesuji?
  5. more PDF and SGF access

*make flags for KGS, OGS, IGS ,Foxy, & Tygem!!! server wars could make OGS the #1 Go site :slight_smile:


I think it’d be better to leave all these little bits and bobs and implement rengo instead.


My priority would be to improve the netcode. I’ve had a lot of timeouts where I’ve played my move in time (sometimes with up to 4 seconds left) but the server finds out too late. Honestly it’s the biggest reason I don’t play more games on OGS.

Compare this to the asian servers where I’m playing with I assume at least 300 ping, yet I can leave it till the last millisecond to click and it won’t time me out. I’m guessing they trust the client to be accurate with time instead of doing it server side.

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One advantage of having a client I guess? Don’t think that’s a path for ogs to consider though, and I think you need to be a little more careful with what you trust from a browser compared to a client.

I like some of those ideas.
#3 could be a big move; however, I’m afraid OGS currently has more urgent moves to play.

#1, #2, and #4: Well, probably would attract many more kids (interpret that how ever you like :sunglasses:) but I guess polishing the chrome parts should have lower priority than, for example, developing the Score Estimator, enabling Rengo, and probably lots of under-the-hood server mechanics which I don’t understand.

Nuclear Tesuji? Mh… couldn’t you just use a hammer on your device? <plink plink>
Also, such a thing should definitely be an opt-in option for your opponent as it is (to my knowledge) considered very rude, not nice, funny only when making jokes about it.

Better not click this

I’d rather have Nyan Cat run over the screen of my opponent when I win, complete with “music” and all :rofl:

Anybody remember kaya dot gs? When you mentioned another Go server in the chat, NYAN CAT, running over the screen on a rainbow … I loved that :smiley: (IIRC it was a user setting.)

For perverts only

We could also have a kind of voting system where we submit ideas and vote for them and the devs implement highly upvoated ideas, instead of random threads in the forum :wink:


I still REALLY like this idea. It could go a long way with just tweaks from the demo-board system and would be a plus for the site as a whole.

Not so keen on this. All too often there is a shortage of hard facts that renders any vote on an issue uninformed. It’s hard enough to get OGS users over to the forum site without fragmenting discussion onto other sites.

I’m not interested in voting on an issue unless the devs have demonstrated their interest in the outcome by promoting the vote (and discussion) on the primary site.


implementing rengo +++ :sob::sob:


IGS and KGS have it. We cannot allow ourselves to be outdone haha


Proposed 2014, under review since 2016, 92 votes, more than any of the started. :]

Here’s a twist: ranked rengo. :flushed:


rengo is supposed to be here already :frowning:

using a submit button on the phone is even harder for me. I live im the sticks but rarely time out. boyo is ok if i have around 4 or more

players OTP: zen mode helps.

IGS? hmm it must be desktop, im on the telly. everyone, rengo is supposed to be here… thats why i left it out.

it can be a room of its on, like teaching. the demo board feature sucks to me, review features are better. not to mention no SE to help players with yose moves, or new players.

  1. customizations

We got this: Board backgrounds library

  1. accolades or badges

We got this as well, in a limited way.


  1. rank (option to view in other formulas)

We sort of got this:

  1. more PDF and SGF access

More PDF access was provided by this thread: Go Books/Content in the Creative Commons