Feature Request: Timer/Clock for in-person matches

My situation is quite niche for sure, but it would be cool to implement a web-based timer within OGS. I teach at a middle school and run an after-school Go club. The students aren’t allowed to use their cell phones during the school day or during school related clubs etc, but they do have school issued laptops they can access OGS on. The laptops are even touch screen, so putting one next to a board while they were playing would be an ideal clock situation.

Bonus points if it could work on mobile as well. I know there are apps already in this realm but those can get costly/have ads/stop working when an OS updates. Would love to see it. Thanks for the great work!


I use just this in small window when solve tsumego
press “reset”, “start” after each move
(or just refresh page)

Gotcha, I just meant a built in Go clock. We’ve got chess clocks at the school but they’re cheap and don’t have byoyomi or anything like that.


Use Canadian timing. UK tournaments always used to use chess clocks and Canadian timing with the procees as follows:
“When the fixed time runs out (flag falls) then the player whose time has run out counts out the required number of stones and covers their bowl of stones. At the same time the opponent resets the clock to the overtime period (e.g. 5 minutes). If the overtime period runs out before a player has used all these counted stones then he/she has lost. If the stones run out then the clock is reset for another period. For some tournaments this may be a different number of stones/period than for the first period (e.g. 10/5, followed by 20/5 then 30/5).”

From Entering Your First Tournament | British Go Association


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