Feature request: Unlink OGS and Google accounts

Hi there!

I want to delete my OGS account. Reasons for that can be different for different users. In my case, I am a bit of a gamer, and I have an important project to focus on during the next months. So I would like to prevent myself from wasting time on OGS.

Nowadays any gaming website I know allows deleting accounts (lichess.org, chess.com, boardgamearena.com, etc). For some reason this feature is not implemented on OGS, there is a topic about it.

I suppose that implementing that feature is difficult. That’s why I suggest implementing an easier thing: allowing users to unlink their Google account from their OGS account. Currently, if you sign up with the “Login with Google” button, it is forever. You can change your password and email on OGS, remove OGS from “Apps with access to your account” in your old Google account, but the button “Login with Google” will still work for your old Google account (the one you first logged in with).



Probably some Mod could help with that


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