Feature Request: Volume/mute controls in game view

I often find that I need to change the volume just for a particular game and not for a long period of time. Going into settings and modifying this is more than it’s worth so I end up leaving the volume on.

Here are some comments when I brought it up on chat:

flowing: I really miss the toggle in game view
flowing: I use the settings mostly to toggle sound
Pempu: same here


I also miss the ability to toggle board display options (labels on/off, stone/board rendering style) in the game view. When I play, I usually like to have labels off, but sometimes when discussing the board, it would nice to be able to quickly switch them on temporarily.

It would also be nice to be able toggle night mode on/off in the game view.

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This is on Uservoice. You should all go vote for it!

0 votes left!

This is why I hate uservoice.

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Because it is operating as intended?

More like “because that’s how it’s intended to operate”

It’s intended to try and pare some of the trash that come with free idea submission. If you want to enter a new idea, but don’t have any votes, you can always reallocate votes from other ideas you deem less important.

I don’t want this post to be taken over by gripes about or justifications for uservoice.

I do want to finish by saying that if i have more than 10 good ideas, they will never be heard there, and that’s a serious shortcoming. It’s also naive to say that all 10 ideas from one person are as good, so it’s silly to force them to choose.

One of my suggestions has 61 votes now (top 5), and this just seems like a bug to me. It should be super simple, and it’s still been there over a month. I can’t imagine it taking more than 10 minutes to fix. Any more than that, and you have a problem in your code. Give me access and I’ll have a look at it myself. (I’m serious)

Fix it and I can have 3 of my votes back.

'nuff said.

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Does it work that way? When a suggestion is implemented, do your votes come back?

I should hope so. 10 votes over a lifetime would be even worse.

Yes, When a suggestion is closed out, the votes return.

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