Feature suggestion: "favorite" function

I was wondering if OGS implement a function where you can save a game or a review by “favoriting” it, putting it in a separate category that’s easy to find. The reason is because if you do a lot of reviews and/or games, it can get lost in a long list and take a long time to find, so if there’s a game or review that you particularly like, it can be hard to find. The only way to do this right now is to download an SGF and then reupload it to your SGF library, but I think if this was made into a function, it will be more streamlined.

Thanks and keep up the good work!


You can also just favorite the game in your browser - that’s a much simpler solution.


An Excel table seems pretty well suited. One could have columns as such:

Opponent – Result – Date – Link. Perhaps No. of moves as well.

One of OGS’ greatest advantages over other servers is that everything is accessible directly by URL – games, reviews, players, groups, tournaments, joseki pages…

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