Feature suggestion: have confirmation for "accepted marked stones" button

I find that sometimes, after playing a good amount of games in a row, I end up pressing the “accept stones” button at the end of a game out of reflex, before actually checking how the board was auto-scored. Perhaps there could be a “confirmation” pop-up for the “accept stones” button, similar to how there’s a pop-up for the “cancel and resume game” button.

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And similarily to pressing accept out of reflex, would you not just press the confirmation out of reflex too? :smiley:

It is usually considered bad to have too many pop-ups in any GUI design. The less the better, and they should really be reserved for avoiding accidental game-ruining clicks. Since the scoring is usually correct and already requires two players confirmation, I think the actuall “bad” cases are too rare to warrant bothering players with another pop-up. Just my opinion of course.


No to pop-ups, but maybe time for accept-buttom to become active could be more than the current ~2 seconds? Like keep the button grey for 5 seconds before the result can be accepted?

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Haha! So true :hugs:

Easy solution: make a new option setting for how many layers of pop-ups you want so you can defeat your reflexes :slight_smile:


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