Feature Suggestion: Pattern Search

As the title says, I am proposing (selfishly) that we add a pattern search to check our own game records and extract data from it (sorta like the lichess opening explorer or OpeningTree in chess),

I know most of you can download Kombilo and run that with downloaded games, but unfortunately I am on mac (with apple’s special chip), and there have been no updates on that since 2016 and I’m not aware of another program that I can use to do that kind of pattern searching on my own games to look for patterns in my play (such as openings or josekis I consistently underperform with, and thus might want to study more)

Plus I think it’s fun to poke at that kind of pattern search with your own games, or even a large database of games such as on this server, so I would much appreciate if such a feature got considered and hope it wouldn’t be too incredibly much hassle to implement


I can’t (not Mac, just incompetence), so I’m seconding this.

I hadn’t thought about it before, but now I want it. :slight_smile:


We’re moderately close to being able to do this. At least, some foundations have tentatively been put in place :slight_smile:

It’s not at the top of anyone’s list right now, but at least we don’t have to move this suggestion to the “Features we’ll never have” thread :wink:


I would like this, as one main reason I wanted to bulk download my games was to run pattern search across them. (The other being a permanent archive should OGS ever die).


Linking to previous request: OGS Pattern Search Database


glad to hear the foundations are in place,
I can only sorta imagine putting together the hash table required for a pattern search

as I know there is a website to search the opening. whatever global or local.
But I understand the function at lichess. search passed joseki at corner. Im same interessant for that in OGS for reviewing

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Yes, but waltheri only works for pro games, not personal or server-wide games