[Feature wish] enable discussion after every problem on ogs

I was doung a few problems in the problem dection and as a 2d i was finding some mistakes in tje provided solutions or some other interesting variations.

I thought it might be cool, if there were the possibility for discussion to each and every problem. So the author could have the chance to update or a mistaken problem solver could be helped.

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For context, 101Weiqi has discussion.


Not all authors are active on OGS anymore.
A discussion section linked to a specific puzzle - or maybe better linked to a collection of puzzles? - is a nice idea.


True with the inactive authors.

But i think, even if there is a mistake in a provided solution or when there is another solution, which is marked as wrong, it would help if you could point that out in a discussion linked to that individual and single problem.

On the other hand, if i only think i found an alternative solution, somebody else could point out my mistake and provide a counter move.

(Some people here might still now goproblems.com)