Feedback on AI Sensei?

AI Sensei was recently mentioned on

Has anybody tried it?

It sounds fairly similar to what ogs has, except it plays out the ai moves in a nicer way.
I’m only taking a quick look. I guess though it is allowing a free 50 move playout though - is that for the whole game?

Based on the article, I assumed it would do an analysis across multiple games to identify repeating mistakes. After doing a test, I agree it’s very similar to OGS, just with an interface more focused on the analysis.
A nice touch is that it lets you choose between LZ and KataGo.

Just in case you were not aware we do that too :slight_smile:


I stand corrected! To be honest I haven’t played in a long time, I just watch Youtube these days.

[edit] I checked my game history, and indeed I haven’t even played one game this year. Crazy times.

I presume the reason OGS doesn’t do a ‘free’ full game ai analysis at low playouts (other than the top three moves and win rate graph) is maybe in part due the volume of games played (which could block up the server?) and maybe just not wanting to give people bad/low playout suggestions, which in some cases might be worse than no suggestion? (I’m imagining the ai telling you to play out a bad ladder because it’s a good local move :slight_smile: )