Few things about the beta site

Hi ! I want to give you guys some feedback on the beta site :slight_smile: First: http://prntscr.com/5ap5l1 try to not have the same categories on two different places, in my opinion its confusing. You could try to just have one menu and dont forget that it should be max 7 categories.
Second: Home and Play is almost the same page, I think Home and chat could be combined and also put the friend list in Home. To be honest you should just remove the Play category, and just have this button somewhere or every page. The player category is also useless if you have the search function. I like the style when u just put everything on the left side, but the design is up to you developers. This is my feedback for being on the beta site for 5-10min. If you have any question or something else just reply or pm me :smile: