Fighting Amy and blood thirst

I recently played a few games against Amybot-ddk.

I already played against it some time ago and didn’t like it very much. Amy sometimes plays weird moves and has serious issues with life and death. I managed to win games where I was behind by killing groups that I shouldn’t be able to kill. I only did that because of Amy’s mistakes.

But then I realised that I was missing a point: if Amy is weaker than me, why was I behind in those games? Maybe Amy is quite strong at fuseki and middle game… I mean stronger than me! Is that the case?

I decided to investigate further and I discovered something:

  • I am a bit too greedy
  • I always fear to miss opportunities
  • I can’t properly evaluate if I am behind or ahead

The results are that I cut and fight when there’s no need to. Also Amy is quite good at punching me when I do that. (So we could add to the list “I’m not good at fighting”, but that’s matter for another study)

Summary of my games against Amy was: quite even fuseki, useless fighting in middle game, going behind, recovering just because of bot’s weaknesses.
That’s bad.

So I stated this goal: “I must always be ahead”.
That is “my winrate must always be above 50% or my score must be always positive since the start of the game”.

I found out I can do that by playing “basic” according with Dwyrin’s definition (which I already summarised in another thread).

“I’m not trying to kill” was my mantra.

I managed this way to reach my goal a couple times and I think I’ll keep doing this sort of training, since I feel it makes me stronger at “keep calm and play your game”, taking under control my “cut first, then read” issues.

All that was possible only thanks to katago analysis: that’s how I realised how I was wasting my points getting involved in useless fights. That’s also how I’m able to check eventually if I was consistent with my goal during the game.
So I must thank two bots: one for letting me crush it repeatedly and the other for letting me understand what was really happening in my games.


What you discovered and start to practice is very similar to what i advise to players stuck around 5-6k. If these players start to care more to build a full and consistent game then their progress come back until reaching 3-2k.
It’s time to not vary too much openings for ex, but better to know where an opening is driving the game so you can analyse what went good or wrong and rectify.
So i Completely share your enthusiasm!


Fighting bots is pretty difficult because it’s very difficult to take the game seriously.

But maybe good fighting is the solution for bad fighting skills instead of avoiding fighting with basics.

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When I’ll get solid foundations, I’ll try and improve my fighting skills too.

Usually my defeats in fighting come because of weak starting positions: I cut when I can’t support my cutting stone. So I end up strengthening my opponent and losing bunches of stones.


more on the 6-5k step

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