Filter for games in the user view

I think Cancelled games should have a different color than completed games. I was trying to find a good game to view on a 6d’s profile (wanted something against another >=5d, that ended in resignation or counting), but most of his games were either cancelled, or timed out, or against SDK. The first thing I thought was how nice it would be to have a checkbox to display/hide cancelled games (and another for time outs). So perhaps a few filters would be nice?

My suggestions for filters:
= Board size: same box we have when creating a game (with two extra options: All, Unusual - which only excludes 9x9/13x13/19x19)
= Time settings: blitz, live, correspondence
= Handicapped: all/handicap/no handicap/even (where even is what you’d get with an auto handicap)
= (show/hide) cancelled, timed out
= Opponent’s level: between A and B (if A is not specified, assume A=25k; if B is not specified, assume B=7d - or whatever is the max rank). If possible to use their level from when the match was played (instead of their level now) it would be even better.

It also would be nice to:
= Display the icon of the time settings of the game (like the turtle for correspondence games) with the name of the game (or somewhere else)
= Display handicap settings (none, -X, +X)

Of course these are just suggestions, but I’d be glad if we could have at least a few.

You can do most of these in the server library on the left-hand side after entering the 6d’s name.


That’s true, thanks!! Didn’t know that. Helps a lot!

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