Filter games according to rank in "Games" tab

The “Games” tab shows you all the games being played, and like the view where you see the whole board. But I like to watch games at my own level at 10-12K.
So to get to this level I have to press the forward button a lot of times.

You can filter the shown games in a lot of ways, but there seems to no way to filter according to rank.

Suggestion: Add filter option to specify max and min rank you want to see.

Hope you will consider it. :slight_smile:

Apologies if I have missed some obvious setting :slight_smile:

I know that you can switch to a view with each game being shown on a line and then show a lot of lines. That helps of course, but you then loose the grafical view of the board.


I’d like that too, even though the filters menu is already too cluttered.

My advice for now is to use more filters.
I usually exclude bot, unranked, handicap and choose just one board size.
This narrows the results.

If you also exclude endgame or even middle game, you end up with a handful of games to choose from.

And, yes, I use the list display.
It’s easy to scroll and to read on the relatively small smartphone screen.


Hi @NielsErik,

Welcome to OGS!

When you click "Y (1)
Schermafbeelding 2020-09-19 om 09.11.20
you will see:

where you can click different options as shown in following screenshot:

You can arrange it that you are only shown more or less even games.

Maybe if you play with the settings you are able to limit the number of games you have to search games you do want to follow.

But a rank window of + 3k/-3k would be a nice feature.

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This shows games where both players are close to the same rank, and does not compare their level with that of the viewer… OP would like to be able to see games at a specific level

I know (and didn’t claim that it would be within the range of OP), but within the available options this is the maximum result: limiting the number of games where NielsErik can choose from.

A slide bar (as show in longer threads) would also be a great help for OP.

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Yes, I can of course add filters until the number get sufficiently low and I would not have to press forward button as many times.

But a rank filter would be nice :slight_smile:

How should it be implemented?

  • A slider showing the range
  • A min, max value like in “Restrict rank” in “Custom game”

Having a min, max value for both white and black would probably be confusing and cluttered?

How should one min,max value set be interpreted?

  • The range that at least one of the players are within
  • The range that the average rank of the two players are within
  • The range that both players must be within

Just ideas…